Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our appointment today went good. We were able to spend about an hour watching baby. We also found out that it is a baby GIRL! She looks really healthy and has all 10 fingers and toes! Hope you all enjoy the pictures. We have also (at this point) decided on the name Isabel Elise. The meaning of the name Isabel is "devoted to God". The meaning for the name Elise is "consecrated to God". What perfect meanings for such a beautiful bundle of JOY!!! It is amazing how God works and the miracles he blesses us with. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and the rest of your holiday season relaxing! Take care and keep checking for more updates. girl is a little skinny, but she will grow!
Baby girls cute lips blowing kisses:)

Here is my little ear that I am starting to hear sounds with.
This is baby girl's face in 3-D. The umbilical cord is in front of her face.
Here are my 10 little cute fingers:)
Here are my 10 little cute toes!

Here's the profile of baby GIRL!!! It looks a lot like my daddy!
So we were slacking on week 17 and 18, but here is my baby bump at 19 weeks!
My baby bump at 16 weeks!!