Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baby Bump at 23rd week!

Hi to you all! We hope your holidays were safe and blessed as you spent and enjoyed time with your families. We were able to spend the holidays with our South Dakota family, as well as our Minnesota family. I did realize how uncomfortable 9 hours in the car is when you are 5 months pregnant! But how blessed we are to be surrounded by such loving friends and family.
Over our Christmas holiday we (Joe) was able to get our nursery painted. All of babies gifts are now on shelves. Her clothes are all hung up in her closet, and WOW does she have a wardrobe. We are going to have to change the babies clothes 3 times a day to make sure every outfit is worn at least once. She is going to be a baby fashion statement.:)
We had our 23rd week appointment today and the doctor said everything looks really great. The baby is very healthy. She moves constantly! She especially likes to kick when I quit moving:) What an amazing experience feeling all that movement!
We hope that you all are doing well, and are staying warm during this cold winter. We will keep you posted on what is to come with baby Isabel. Take care and God Bless, and thank you so much for your prayers.