Sunday, March 8, 2009

33 weeks and counting...

So this week will now be 33 weeks and counting. It's amazing to think that soon she will be here. What will she look like? What will she be like? Will she be healthy? So much to think about...but in the mean time, I just seem to become bigger and bigger, and she continues to kick harder and harder. She is very active still, and makes sure that it is known that she is around. It is so fun to watch her at this point, but the anticipation of looking at her face, fingers, and toes grows deeper and deeper.
We have been busy putting together the nursery the past week. It's getting there, but not completed yet! Her wardrobe on the other hand is becoming quite large and Joe seems to think it should be completed, but I'm guessing it will continue to grow. We took some pictures of the nursery for you all to see. Hope you enjoy. Have a great week and thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers.

Joe, Jess, and Isabelle:)

Baby Isabelle's new bed!!

Here is the paint choice we (or I) finally settled on.:)

This is the same rocking chair that my Grandpa rocked me in when I was a baby (and older). How special to keep the tradition going.

Here are ALL the clothes in her closet so far. Those are just the things that are hung up. There are a lot more in containers and on shelves:) She is going to be one cute baby!!

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the fagerland's said...

I love it looks great...and so do you:) The crib sheets you picked out are perfect. Man you guys are stocked...Skylar is definetely coming over to borrow clothes.Love you lots' Des